Transformer Design and Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that Badger Magnetics has received over the years regarding the design and manufacturing of their custom transformers.

What kVA range of Transformers are Manufactured?

Badger Magnetics designs and manufactures electromagnetics products up 100 kVA 3 phase.

What Frequency Range of Transformers are Manufactured?

50 Hertz through 400 Hertz

Where are Badger Magnetics’ Transformer Products Manufactured?

All transformers are designed and manufactured here in the United States. There are 3 Badger Magnetics’ locations to serve you: Milwaukee, WI | Lino Lakes, MN | Colorado Springs, CO

What standards are Badger Magnetics’ Transformers Manufactured to?

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | IEEE, Restriction of Hazardous Substances | RoHS, Canadian Standards Association | CSA , Underwriters Laboratories | UL, International Traffic in Arms Regulations | ITAR, Conformité Européenne | CE, Technischer Überwachungsverein | TUV and is a member in good standing of The Transformer Association.

Are All of Badger Magnetics’ Transformers Tested after Production?

Yes. Badger Magnetics products are tested to ensure proper operation.

I have an existing electromagnetic product. Can Badger Magnetics produce an exact copy?

Yes. Badger Magnetics is well known for their reverse engineering and complete re-design capabilities!

How Long has Badger Magnetics been in Business?

Badger Magnetics has been in business since 1955.

What Additional Information is Helpful for Quoting?

Among other design variables, temperature, termination and voltages are necessary to properly quote and size a transformer for a customer’s specifications.

What Common Products does Badger Magnetics Design and Manufacture?

  • 3-Phase Transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Brake Coils
  • Chokes and Inductors
  • Current Transformers
  • Demagnetizing Products
  • Electromagnetic Reactors
  • Encapsulated Transformers
  • Ferro-Resonant Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Laminated Transformers
  • Line Reactors
  • Load Reactors
  • Magnetizing Products
  • Military Spec Transformers
  • Multi-Phase Transformers
  • Oil Filled Transformers
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Resistance sensing relays
  • Rotary Speed Sensors
  • Single Phase Transformers
  • Toroids
  • Wound Coils

For a quote on electromagnetic transformer products for your application, contact the engineering experts at Badger Magnetics today!

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