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Custom Toroidal Transformer

Custom toroidal transformers from Badger Magnetics are designed to meet your individual requirements no matter what quantity is needed. A custom toroid is an ideal magnetic circuit that is very efficient, smaller in size, lighter than a laminate transformer, less audible noise/hum, lower stray field emission level, operates at a lower temperature and offers a variety of mounting configurations.

Our Toroidal Transformers are Custom Designed for Many Uses Including:

Badger Magnetics’ engineering staff can work with you to custom design a toroidal transformer to comply with your requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Core types: Tape wound silicon steel and amorphous materials, Ferrite and powdered iron.
  • Hertz range from 50 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Diameter from .5” up to 16”
  • Height up to 8”
  • Wire Sizes from 7 to 42 gauge

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