An OEM Power Transformer Manufacturer

Power transformers are used in equipment all over the world from small board level transformers to large three phase transformers. A power transformer used in Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) products can vary from:

    • Electronics
    • Energy
    • Medical
    • Military
    • Transportation
    • AND, MORE!

To simply explain a power transformer – a power transformer is an electrical device in which two circuits are coupled together by a magnetic field. This electromagnetic induction transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another, without changing the frequency. Transformers are used to increase or decrease voltage.

A power transformer manufacturer’s main objective is to have their products operate economically and efficiently while making the best use of all available materials. The design takes into account the size, shape and material of the core, number of turns of primary and secondary windings – all to ensure that the size of the wire and insulation will fit in the space available. The transformer windings are arranged for minimum leakage flux while the insulation regulates temperature rise and the means of cooling that helps to balance loss of energy while under load.

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Badger Magnetics is a US-based manufacturer of commercial OEM and industrial market transformers. Their purpose is to provide the right solution for you – with a focus on custom and reverse engineering in the design, prototyping and manufacturing phases. Contact Badger Magnetics as your trusted partner in high volume OEM power transformer manufacturing.

Badger Magnetics uses the following standards in all transformer manufacturing:

  • CE
  • CSA
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • TUV
  • UL
  • UL-1446

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