Electromagnetic Industries

Badger Magnetics designs and manufactures custom products for many electromagnetic industries. We service many industries and are not limited to any type of industry that we design and manufacture superior products for. Here are some industries we are currently servicing that we would like to highlight.


ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

We build rugged transformers certified by UL and CSA for the oil field industry. A harsh environment is no match for our products as many of our products have been in service for decades. Our engineers will work with you to design the best transformer to meet your needs.

We build custom wound stators used in a state-of-the-art Stirling Engine that generates electricity from many different energy sources. Read more here…

Rail Transportation

ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

Badger Magnetics has a unique specialty in serving the rail industry. We design and manufacture impedance bonds, track transformers, lighting transformers, track feed reactors, armatures and signal rectifiers. These products are built to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

We manufacture several products that are used as a component in the manufacture of locomotives. Whether it’s a custom toroid that can withstand the vibration and heat or an air cooled inductor, we have unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities in these areas.

Another quite successful product Badger Magnetics has custom manufactured is a fuel injector solenoid that our customer uses in the conversion of diesel engines to propane fueled engines. Read more here…



ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

Our custom wound transformers, coils and toroids are used in a wide array of medical equipment. Our customers rely on our stringent manufacturing capabilities and exactness in the manufacturing process that lives can depend on. Our transformers and inductors may be found in a wide spectrum of medical equipment such as X-Ray equipment or Electro-surgery equipment. Badger Magnetics has found great success working with engineers in the medical equipment industry. Whether it’s a one piece prototype or a large production run, you can count on us to ship a perfect product that has been designed to your high standards. Read more here…


ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

We have years of experience developing and manufacturing products that meets the military’s specifications. We are able to design and manufacture products meeting military specifications (Mil Specs) such as MIL-PRF-27, MIL-T-15108, MIL-T-17221B, MIL-T-16315, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167 and MIL-DTL-917F. As a supplier to prime government contractors and other military related customers, Badger Magnetics is ITAR certified and compliant. The products we build are used as a component for Navy and Coast Guard ships and submarines, helicopters and countless other applications. Our products are installed in these military vessels: VCS, LCS, CVN, DDG 51, DDG 1000 and FRS. Many of our products are certified by outside agencies verifying that we are meeting the necessary Mil Spec requirements. We provide products that are designed and manufactured in the USA. Read more here…


ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

Badger Magnetics has been a long-time supplier to the electronics industry. We design and manufacture custom wound magnetics for circuit boards whether you have needs for low or high volumes. We manufacture precision wound fine wire board level laminated transformers and custom toroids for Electronics Contract Manufacturing (ECM) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. We know how short lead-times may be critical for your success and will provide Kanban systems upon request. We design our products to your exact needs, whether it is a custom pinout layout, small footprint or specialized heat dissipation, contact us today for your PCB mount transformer needs. Read more here…

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

Badger Magnetics designs and manufactures a wide variety of products that are sold to customers who use our products as a component in their equipment. Whether it’s a small board level transformer or a large three phase transformer, our custom wound products are in machines all over the world. We serve many industries in this category whether it’s mining or 3D printing, water treatment or power conditioners, we are able to design custom components that will meet or exceed your needs at a value our customers have come to trust in Badger Magnetics. Read more here…

ul transformer, csa transformer, electromagnetic industries

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