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Chokes and Inductors

A choke inductor is used to block higher frequency alternating current in a circuit but still allows the passing of lower frequency direct current in that circuit. Badger Magnetics can custom design three phase or single phase AC choke inductors and DC choke inductors to meet your frequencies, current ratings, terminations and size restrictions.

Custom choke inductors, core inductors, and air core inductors from Badger Magnetics are designed to meet your individual requirements – no matter what quantity is needed. They are available in a wide range of geometry’s which are custom designed for your application.

Badger Magnetics’ Chokes and Inductors are Custom Designed for Many Applications Including:

  • AC Filtering
  • Current Limiting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Motor Controls
  • Energy Storage

Badger Magnetics’ engineering staff can work with you to custom design inductor chokes and choke inductors to comply with your requirements. Whether your requirements are large or small runs, our engineers will work with your needs to offer a quality solution.

Badger Magnetics’ Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Core types: Silicone steel laminations, Tape wound silicone steel and amorphous materials, ferrite, and powdered iron.
  • Hertz range from 30 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Up to 3000 Amps

Contact Badger Magnetics today for your custom choke and inductor quote!

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