Toroidal Transformer Manufacturer

Since 1955, Badger Magnetics has been engineering, reverse-engineering and manufacturing toroidal transformers for various industrial applications from all over the world such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Audio
  • Auto
  • Chassis Mount
  • Computer
  • Current
  • Defense
  • Electric
  • Electronic
  • Industrial Control
  • Lighting
  • Machine Tool Control
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military Specification
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Power
  • Power Supplies
  • Rail Transportation

Toroidal transformers are used as chokes, inductors and magnetic amplifiers, and inverter and converter components. Constructed of wire wrapped around a ring, or donut shape, these passive electronic components can be manufactured using ferrite, iron, silicon steel, nickel, steel, metal powders, Kool Mu®, noncrystalline & Metglas® – depending on a customer’s specific application needs.

toroidal transformer manufacturer


Toroidal Transformer Advantages

  • A toroidal inductor/transformer is made of fewer materials including a centering washer, nuts, and bolts that result in at least a 50% decrease in weight.
  • The symmetry of a toroid creates little to no magnetic flux escaping from the core.
  • The shape of a toroid is considered a closed-loop. This increases the inductance and Q factor than an inductor of the same mass with a straight core.
  • Due to the relatively short windings, a toroidal transformer has lower secondary impedance that increases efficiency.
  • Lower secondary impedance also reduces effects such as distortion and fringing.

Badger Magnetics’ Advantages

As a member in good standing with The Transformer Association, Badger Magnetics is well-versed in manufacturing a wide variety of electromagnetic components. Vast industry knowledge, excellent customer service and electromagnetic engineering skills allow them to offer unique product design offerings to meet and/or exceed industrial applications. And each product is produced to meet any, or all, of the following manufacturing and safety guidelines:

  • RoHS
  • CSA®
  • UL®
  • ITAR
  • CE
  • TUV
  • IEEE

Whether you have a new design, or an old toroidal transformer that requires reverse engineering, Badger Magnetics’ sales and engineering teams are there to assist you.

Contact Badger Magnetics for a quote on manufacturing a toroidal transformer to fit your industrial application today!

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