Printed Circuit Board Transformers | PCB Mount Transformers

Printed Circuit Board Transformers, also referred to as PCB Mount Transformers, are designed and manufactured to be inserted in or attached to a computer board. This elemental component is used to run the computer. When treated carefully, these devices are reliable and durable.

In general, the purpose of a transformer is to transfer power from one device, or circuit, to another. This is accomplished by means of a process called induction. In most applications, a transformer is used to lower or increase voltage of a signal.

How a Transformer Works

A standard transformer is comprised of two non-interacting inductive circuits, or windings, called the primary and the secondary. When voltage is applied to the primary winding, a magnetic field is produced that induces another magnetic field in the secondary winding. This in turn creates voltage in the secondary winding. The value of the induced voltage in the secondary winding solely relies on the ratio of the number of winding turns in the secondary to the number of turns in the primary.

Basic PCB Transformer Construction

PCB Transformers consist of primary and secondary coil wires, a metal core, an outer casing, mounting brackets and connecting terminals. Due to the nature of electronic components, PCB mounted transformers are normally made of extremely light materials in order to be mounted on a computer board. Some transformers used are integrated circuits manufactured by using general semiconductor design techniques.printed circuit board transformers,| pcb mount transformers

Printed circuit board transformers are used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to regulate electrical current. These same types of transformers are used in computer hardware applications and consumer devices to protect the equipment from power surges.

Badger Magnetics manufactures printed circuit board transformers in many different quantities from prototypes, small, medium and large production runs. With their vast engineering expertise, they can also reverse-engineer a legacy PCB transformer to retrofit into a newly manufactured application. For a quote on transformer for your PCB board application, contact Badger Magnetics today.

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