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A power isolation transformer is used for the transference of electrical power from AC (alternating current) power to a device while sequestering the equipment from the power source, usually for safety reasons.

In European industrial markets, power isolation transformers (also known as insulation transformers) are a preferred source of transforming power over standard auto transformers. Although both transformers can be identical in appearance, a power isolation transformer is manufactured with extra material that separates the input and output coils. This insulation controls stray voltage, thus providing added protection for equipment and operators alike.

3D printing is a method for creating items from a three dimensional digital model into its physical form by adding layer upon layer of materials. While vastly different than original manufacturing processes, 3D printing has proven to be substantially less cost prohibitive and with reduced lead times than traditional manufacturing processes. Since its first patent application in 1980, 3D printing has come a long way.

3D printing is currently used in rapid prototyping, manufacturing and research. 3D printers produce images of products such as:

  • Automobiles
  • Cell Phone Components
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Construction Equipment
  • Computers
  • Firearm Components
  • Human Organs and Limbs
  • Robots
  • And, SO MUCH MORE!

3D images greatly increase a manufacturer’s ability to create one-off products and help eliminate unwanted inventory of goods around the globe.

Badger Magnetics, one of the leading isolation transformer manufacturers, was contacted by an existing client that required a redesign of an auto transformer for their 3D printers. This customer’s main objective was to break into the European market.

Badger Magnetics set to work in their engineering department to design an isolation transformer to meet all the customer’s needs. Badger Magnetics also utilized a CE certification company to provide inspection and product certification.

After months of meetings and proposed design changes, Badger felt confident with the isolation transformer and sent it to their customer for testing and approval.

Commitment to the project by Badger Magnetics won this customer’s confidence and production contract!

The commitment to this newly designed isolation transformer didn’t stop there…

Badger Magnetics added approximately 4,000 square foot to their existing building which allowed them to create a manufacturing cell. The new cell consisted of new capital equipment and new inspection/testing area to support the volume and short lead times. The new manufacturing cell has become known as the “heavy winding area” and has proven to be beneficial in serving many of Badger Magnetics’ customers.

isolation transformer, power isolation transformer

Not unlike the tenacity of the animal the badger, Badger Magnetics has extensive knowledge, engineering know-how and a persistent attitude used in transformer design and manufacturing. Whether an auto transformer, an isolation transformer, toroids, chokes, inductors or coils, Badger is the leading manufacturer who is also well versed in international electrical certifications.

Contact Badger Magnetics today for their assistance in designing the right transformer for your application.

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