Medical Switching Transformer Manufacturer

A Badger Magnetics’ customer, CONMED Corporation, required a medical switching transformer (part #14-7568) for their hyfrecator electrosurgical generator system, The Hyfrecator® 2000. This system is mainly used in cardiology and critical care with voltage specifications ranging from 100V to 240V.

medical switching transformer manufacturer

The CONMED Hyfrecator® is a muti-function electrosurgical generator with bipolar and monopolar modes, self-diagnostics and stored power settings recall. High output terminal and low output terminal for heavy desiccation and fulguration and light desiccation and fulguration respectively.

CONMED required 2,200 switching transformers for their high volume medical account that had recent increased demands for electrosurgical units (ESUs). The transformer order was placed with Badger Magnetics in December 2018. The due date of the order was 2/28/19.

At the time, Badger Magnetics did not have the means to procure and fabricate this quantity of transformers for the hyfrecator with the resources available and on-hand. The Badger Magnetics’ team brainstormed the idea of bringing in additional “multiple winders” to decrease production times of time-consuming segments in the production process.

Badger Magnetics invested in new capital equipment that increased production capacity with faster bobbin winding times. Increasing the winding times in the production of the transformer also increased the likelihood of early shipment of the finished product. The new multiple-winding equipment helped their customer receive their product well ahead of schedule.

Sealing the Switching Transformer Deal

CONMED Corporation and Badger Magnetics have had a decades-long relationship for their medical transformer needs. Quick-acting on Badger Magnetics’ end has helped to reinforce the Badger-CONMED rapport.

Badger Magnetics designs and manufactures switching transformers for electrosurgical generators, or ESUs. These units are used in other surgical disciplines including:

  1. Cardiac
  2. Certain Dental Procedures
  3. Critical Care
  4. Dermatological
  5. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
  6. General Surgical Procedures
  7. Gynecological
  8. Maxillofacial
  9. Neuro
  10. Ocular
  11. Orthopedic
  12. Plastic
  13. Spine
  14. Urological

When your medical equipment manufacturing project requires a switching transformer, contact Badger Magnetics for a custom quote.

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