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Since 1955, Badger Magnetics has become a global leader in the manufacturing of magnetic components.

Today, Badger Magnetics employs a team of highly skilled engineers and maintains an ISO certified facility in Colorado. Badger operates fully modernized testing laboratories – all in the name of creating inductors, transformers and power supplies of the highest possible quality.

Badger’s unwavering dedication to strict quality standards are particularly important for the medical and medical equipment industries.

Due to the very nature of medical equipment – people’s lives depend on successful functionality of all components. This industry has a complex, multifaceted and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Many manufacturers lack the knowledge, or expertise, required to ensure that medical grade isolation equipment and components meet all regulations. It is paramount to ensure reliable, high quality final products.

Badger Magnetics can make quality guarantees that other manufacturers simply cannot match.

Badger manufactures magnetic components that consistently meet not only client performance specifications, but also these strict medical regulatory standards. Transformers for medical equipment, isolation transformers for medical applications and other medical grade transformers are all designed explicitly to meet these tough regulations.

With constant technological advances and increased pressure to innovate, the medical industry relies heavily on the latest electronic devices.

Medical industry professionals employ a wide range of equipment – from portable medicine drip controllers, oxygen pumps, MRIs and CAT scan machines. Each of which require medical grade power supplies and medical grade isolation transformers.

Medical grade isolation power transformers were designed for use in controlled spaces. Delicate health monitoring equipment and medical tools can be affected by stray electromagnetic fields that are created by complex electronics.

Isolation transformers act as a buffer between the power source and connected equipment. These transformers use Class F insulation systems and other innovations to dampen those fields.

Badger Magnetics’ toroidal medical power transformers work similarly to isolation transformers as they are designed and built specifically to ensure low stray field and low leakage current levels.

In an industry where regulations are strict and quality and reliability are important above all else, it is important that you trust your magnetics supplier.

Thanks to Badger Magnetics’ extremely knowledgeable engineering staff, state-of-the-art facility and their personal dedication to maintaining the highest quality magnetics as possible – you can trust Badger for all of your medical equipment needs.

To learn more about Badger Magnetics medical grade power supplies, inductors and transformerscontact Badger today for your custom application evaluation and quote.

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