Marine Isolation Transformer

In a previous case study, we talked about the differences between an isolation transformer and an autotransformer. An isolation transformer is an electrical transformer with a primary and secondary coil winding separated by insulation. The term “auto” refers to a single coil acting alone.

In the marina and boating industry, marine isolation transformers are used to provide electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to a piece of equipment or a device while isolating them from the power source. While transferring the AC current, this transformer must also eliminate shock hazards to persons on board and in the water near the boat. The main purpose of an isolation transformer is safety.

While toroidal in shape, marine isolation transformers are more compact than traditional laminated transformers. This allows for much smaller stainless steel enclosures. A smaller enclosure means lighter total weight of an enclosed isolation transformer – making it an ideal option for on-board vessels, or dock-side vessels, as part of marina power distribution methods.

In 2017, National Electrical Code (NEC) lowered the maximum allowed ground fault protection for boats on shore-power from 100mA to 30mA. Even with an electrical system in perfect working order, electrical current leakage can often surpass 30mA, tripping Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI). cargo ship that utilizes badger magnetics marine isolation transformers

Badger Magnetics Marine Isolation Transformer Solution

Badger Magnetics’ solution is a completely embedded solid epoxy resin isolation transformer inside a non-metallic enclosure. This hermetically sealed transformer can be mounted on top of, or below the deck, or bulkhead of a boat. This quiet operating transformer also helps to eliminate possible galvanic corrosion of a vessel’s metals and nuisance tripping of GFIs.

For all of your toroidal transformer needs, including marine isolation transformers, contact the engineering and manufacturing experts at Badger Magnetics today. All products assembled by Badger Magnetics are manufactured to meet, or exceed, the following electrical safety guidelines:

  • CE
  • CSA®
  • IEEE
  • ITAR
  • RoHS
  • TUV
  • UL®




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