Why Buy a Laminated Core Transformer?

Transformers are utilized in electrical power distribution and control of energy. Transformers are designed to carry input and output power transmission. Some examples are power transformers, distribution transformers and isolations transformers.

To reduce loss of energy, transformer manufacturers use laminated sheets of metal that comprise the core of a transformer. By using laminated cores, this limits formation of eddy currents, or power transmission loss due to eddy currents.

A laminated transformer core also creates insulation between each sheet of metal, making each sheet a separate electrical conductor. Thus, allowing magnetic flux to pass through. A transformer with a laminated core is the most common type due its highly efficient electrical converting.

How is a Laminated Core Transformer Manufactured?

A transformer manufacturer takes each layer of a transformer core, usually made with iron, and applies shellac to each layer. Each layer is then adhered together with glue, or epoxy, rather than one piece of solid iron as the core.

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What Factors are Considered during Design of a Laminated Transformer?

Price, value, shelf life, service life, reliability, weight, size and orientation are all important details to consider for optimized efficiency of a magnetic core transformer.

Laminated Core vs Solid Core Transformers

Because the core of a laminated transformer reduces eddy current flow, this also reduces heat loss of the entire core. Laminating minimizes eddy currents flowing through the core.

When a solid core transformer is utilized, you will get circulating currents in the iron. This causes the iron to heat up. This heat causes loss of electrical efficiency. In extreme cases, the core can heat to the point where it cracks and breaks, causing your process to shut down for repair and maintenance.

Badger Magnetics’ Laminated Transformers

For almost 70 years, Badger Magnetics has been engineering, designing and manufacturing laminated core transformers for commercial, medical, industrial and Military Specification (MilSpec) applications worldwide.

To speak to one of their highly capable in-house engineering staff members about your laminated core transformer project, contact Badger Magnetics today.

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