Electromagnetic Coil Winding

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Badger Magnetics’ engineering and manufacturing range of capabilities is one of the greatest in the electromagnetic industry. All of our products are custom built in the USA at one of our three manufacturing facilities. Our wide product range include laminated transformers, electromagnetic toroids, chokes and inductors, wound coils, brake coils, electromagnetic reactors, mil spec transformers, rotary speed sensors along with very large demagnetization units used in mining and magnetic tape industries to impedance bonds used in railroad track installations.

All of our products are custom designed based on your needs. Our electromagnetic transformers will be installed in a NEMA rated enclosure or encapsulated with the potting compound best suited for your needs.

Our engineers will design a custom product matching your needs and specifications and allow us to produce high quality products at a competitive cost. Our efficient manufacturing capabilities allow also to produce both low and high volume custom products with quantities that match your demand.

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities include single and three phase laminated transformers from sizes ranging from board level mounts to 100 kVA. Our programmable winding machines ensure we efficiently manufacture perfectly wound coils every time. We have dedicated production cells for custom toroidal manufacturing using Jovil precision winding machines and a heavy winding production cell that allows for efficient production of power transformers up to 100 kVA.

Badger Magnetics has invested in many high speed and multiple electromagnetic coil winding machines that not only help keep product costs down but also ensures we are building high quality products. Product testing is done in-line and at final test where 100% of our products are both visually inspected and electrically tested.

All of our production facilities employ a UL approved insulation system. We are able to have your product certified to any industry approved standard, whether it may be UL Recognized, UL Rated, CSA or CE marking. Our Colorado facility is ISO Certified to the 9001:2015 standard and our other facilities are on the way of becoming ISO certified.

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